Welcome to the website of the Association of Iranian Faculty Members and Academics in Germany – VIHA (Verband Iranischer Hochschullehrer und Akademiker)

The Association of Iranian Faculty Members and Academics in Germany (VIHA) was founded in November 1989 and is dedicated to promote the scientific and cultural relations between Germany and Iran. 

As in many other countries, highly specialized Iranians are integrated and actively represented in various strata of the population of the federal republic of Germany. Iranian faculty members, doctors, engineers, lawyers, academics, writers and renowned representatives from the film, radio and television play a significant role at it. They contribute significantly to the coexistence and create new jobs through their activities almost daily.

In order to provide a »home« for exactly this Iranian society, in which they can share their experiences across generations and initiate respectively realize joint projects, the VIHA was founded. 

The association is not attached to any political party and envisions itself as a fertile ground to establish insightful contacts and to pursue fruitful knowledge transfer. The synergy of a successful and active networking can significantly influence the future design.

Such a center for encounter is created by strengthening and enhancing existing relationships by the association. The VIHA particularly focuses on participants from the fields of education, science and research, which have a common goal in mind, to espouse for the Iranian community. The association will also serve as a foundation for relationships and experience transfer between young and experienced individuals. In this exchange hides longstanding expertise, this constitutes the basis for a common future. Regular meetings, seminars, lectures and conferences are organized to achieve these goals.

The association provides a platform to successfully implement projects, not only therefore many professors, academics and students have enrolled as members and take an active part at VIHA for more than 23 years.

On December, 1st 2012 the General Assembly of VIHA elected the new board. It aims to give a new »face« to the appearance of the association. Up to this point many of the concepts and projects have been implemented, due to the keen way of working. At the same time the VIHA works on enabling European scholarships to Iran students by universities and companies.

Dipl.-Ing. Mohammad Alavi and Dipl.-Ing. Goodarz Mahbobi are working intensively on the renewal of the voluntary sector, which represents a tremendous milestone for the future of the association. Through this modernization and restructuring, the association will act as a prestigious scientific organization, not only in Germany, but also internationally.